Finding my style and dealing with indecision

DSC_0003   Lately, my closet has become a source of irritation. Half of my items don’t fit well and the other half, because they do fit well, are worn to the point that everything has holes or is just looking a bit worse for wear. I decided it was time for a closet revamp! After deciding this, I encountered some hurtles that have absolutely paralyzed me. I wanted to share my fears and the resources that have made this journey easier!

ANXIETY – For someone with anxiety, it can be difficult to try and create a game plan. I realized that shopping in-store was causing a lot of anxiety and honestly ended up in impulse purchases just to get me out of the store. I decided the best method as I move forward is to shop online.

INDECISION – As I began to shop online I realized that the reason I was being indecisive with my purchases *fill shopping cart…empty shopping cart* was because I had no coherent plan. I needed to create a game plan.


RESOURCES – I realized I needed some help. So I turned to the trusty blogging world! I knew I wanted to keep my wardrobe minimal and focus on ethical fashion. Below are a few of the lovely ladies who’s blogs have helped me tremendously towards becoming more aware of my own style and the cost of fast fashion.

  • Lee, creator of Style Bee – This woman knows her stuff! I mean, her style is right up my alley, her photography is stunning, and I want to live in her closet. She has an amazing list of responsible brands that has absolutely saved me!
  • Ellie, creator of Selflessly Styled – Ellie has amazing brand interviews as well as really helpful articles like “why we can’t afford to shop ethically” She also has a great list of responsible brands ranging from him to her to kids!
  • Caroline, creator of Un-fancy – Caroline was one of the first fashion bloggers I ever followed. She is the queen of capsule wardrobes and has amazing tips on how to keep a minimal closet!


GOALS – So, enough rambling Ellen. What do you want to accomplish?!

  • Create a wardrobe that inspires me each and every day. Filled with pieces that I can mix and match and carry from season to season.
  • Buy pieces from responsible companies who have transparent business practices. We vote with our dollar. I want to buy less and buy better.
  • Be open about my struggles! Blogging is easy, sharing is hard. I want to share this experience with my readers and I really hope you guys will be participants in the journey. Send me emails, comment, tell me your own fashion struggles. I’m not an expert, I need your help and input!

DSC_0005I hope you will join me on the journey towards a more minimal closet. Have you been struggling with your own closets? Say hi down in the comments or come find me on instagram/twitter/email. Let’s chat!

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