Odacite True Hydra-Beauty Treatment Collaboration

DSC_0031Today I have a review of Odacite’s True Hydra-Beauty Treatment. If you have never heard of Odacite, they are a non-toxic skincare company that sources the best ingredients while refusing to sacrifice on efficacy. Recently, Odacite created three Hydra-Beauty Treatment Mists to complete your Odacite skincare regimen.

I had the privilege to try the Odacite Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist. This mist is formulated specifically for mature/dry and sensitive skin types. I’m sure many of you know that I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin. I had a flare up about 3 weeks ago and this mist really helped to soothe and moisturize my skin. The addition of Helichrysum in this product helped to reduce any irritation and redness from my flare up.


The Treatment Mist is also the perfect way to prep my skin for Odacite’s Pomegranate Rose Geranium Serum Concentrate. This serum provides a boost of moisture for my skin. The reason I love this serum is that it is so concentrated. A lot of serums are suspended in a carrier oil. Carrier oils are often too occlusive for my skin and cause breakouts. Odacite Serum Concentrates are exactly that, concentrated. Only the best in these beautiful little bottles!


To complete my skincare regimen. I use the Odacite Oleasomes Time Release Delivery Cream. This cream on it’s own is not quite moisturizing enough for me. I definitely need the serum concentrate to boost my moisture before I can apply this. Also take note that this cream does contain shea butter. Many people have no issues with shea butter but it can cause issues for acne prone skin! My husband really likes this moisturizer as he has a more normal skin type.


As with all skincare I highly suggest trying a sample before you purchase full sizes. Everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. I change my skincare depending on the time of year or the time of month. Listen to your skin and if you have any questions reach out to Odacite’s Skin Coach. Monique, SKINCOACH@ODACITE.COM, is amazing and will help you tailor your skincare regimen!

A huge thank you to Odacite for collaborating with me on this post. As always all opinions are my own!

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