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daytonightrootpretty-1 Hello everyone! As the weather cools and fall begins so does party season. Let’s set the scene (and pretend I actually go to parties…). It’s Friday night, you get home from work at about 5:30 and a party starts at 6:30. What do you do? Here’s my solution. I’m going to show you how to update your look in 10 minutes with the same products you used for your daytime look!

This post is important to me for two reasons. One is that I want to show you that you don’t have to own 100 lipsticks and 17 different eyeshadow palettes to go from work to glam. Two is that makeup doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. This is easy and achievable, no lashes, no liquid liner and no matte liquid lipsticks.


Daytime: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I do NOT wear that much makeup during the day. This is about the max I would wear on a daily basis. Here is how I achieved this look.

Prime – I highly suggest priming your skin if you are planning to wear your makeup from day to night. I used the Root Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals in Lightly Medium. This will give you a very sheer amount of coverage.

Correct – I used the Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener to lighten my under eyes. Use this corrector before you put your foundation on. It is extremely brightening and might be too bright if you apply this after foundation.

Foundation – I wish I could get away with just the Pretty Booster, however I have blemishes and scarring so I like to add coverage to my uneven areas with the Root Pretty Pearl Mineral Foundation in G3. This is extremely high coverage so if you have blemishes go in with a small brush and build up coverage.


Eyes – I swept Sunkissed into the crease very lightly and applied Jasmine onto the lid. I finished off the eyes with the 100% Lash Natural Mascara.

Brows – Brows and skin are the two things I like to do on a daily basis. I used the Root Pretty Brow Pomade in Deep Brown to fill in my brows.

Lips – I’ll be honest, it’s a good day if I wear anything on my lips other than lip balm. But, I wanted to step up the game today 😉 I dabbed a small amount of Jess Lipstick to add a bit of color and topped it off with Casey Pretty Gloss to add a bit of shine.

Okay, that seems like a lot but it probably takes me ten minutes in the morning. Let’s fast forward to 5:30!

Nighttime: Let’s take this look from day to night! Here’s what I did!


Touch up – take just a few minutes to touch up your base if you have any areas of foundation that have broken up or rubbed off. The nice thing about mineral foundation is that you can easily build on it without it looking odd and cakey.


Eyes – Add more depth to your crease by packing Sunkissed into the inner and outer corners of your eyes, making sure to avoid the lid. Really drag that shadow out to elongate the eye. Pack Jasmine onto the lid to create a soft spotlight effect. Mirror those shadow placements on the bottom lid. Add a bit more mascara to really add drama to the eyes.

Okay, you know I love a wing and this is totally optional. I used my angled brow brush and my Root Pretty Brow Pomade in Deep Brown to create a wing. Love me some multi use products!

Lips – Bold lips are my favorite way to glam up a makeup look for evening. Swipe Jess onto your lips or use a lip brush if you want a nice neat line. A dark lip is just instant glam.


Cheeks – You may have noticed that I didn’t use blush in my day time look. I rarely wear blush. It’s just not a priority for me. But if I’m going out or doing a glam look I do like to wear blush. Wanna know one of my favorite tricks? Use your lipstick as your blush. It’s such an amazing way to create a cohesive makeup look! Just dab a bit onto the back of your hand and apply with a buffing brush.


This makeup touch up takes a maximum of ten minutes! And, it didn’t require using any other products than you already used in your morning routine. Makeup doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Use what you have and, most importantly, have fun!

A huge thank you to Root for sending me these products for consideration. As always, all opinions are my own.


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