Creating a Flawless Base


Good morning everyone! I know, I know I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do. I’m sorry! I just started graduate school and I work full time so you know, it’s a busy time! But, I’m getting used to my schedule and I should be back to two posts a week very soon!

I have FINALLY discovered my perfect base combination! I absolutely love using these products together for a perfect, flawless base. Here are my steps to a flawless base!

Step 1) PREP YOUR SKIN! I remember the time when I just slapped my foundation on and it looked terrible! I immediately blamed the foundation. If your skin is flaky and angry your base makeup will not go on well. I have been using a hydrating mask before bed and really packing on the oils! I have an Odacite review coming soon 😉 In the morning I use a very mild cleanser and add more oils ha! I have very dry skin!

Step 2) Once your skin is plumped and prepped you can go in with your base! I like to buff the Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation in the shade Cream with a dense buffing brush. I really don’t like wearing thick layers of foundation so I really thin this out! Don’t worry if you still have blemishes or redness peeking through, we’ll get there!


Step 3) I like to selectively add coverage to my problem areas. I use the Root Pretty Pearl Powder Foundation in G3.5. I actually LOVE using this as a concealer. I apply this with a small concealer brush and it just sticks around all day and does not fade! It’s a concealer and setting powder all in one! You all know those weepy blemishes (ew…) using a powder concealer will make sure that concealer sticks to the blemish and lasts all day!

Step 4) Set your oily areas and your under eye. I love the Root Pretty Setting Silk to set my under eyes without drying them out. This is made with organic aloe powder so this is actually really soothing. It fills in pores and leaves the skin with the most beautiful finish!

I am absolutely in love with these products! Have you tried the Root Pretty Pearl Powder Foundation or their Setting Silk? I am so so so impressed. I really must pick up the full size foundation, the samples are lasting such a long time though! I definitely recommend picking some samples up!

What are your favorite products for the perfect face? Please let me know down in the comments!

A huge thank you to Root Pretty for sending me the Setting Silk! I am absolutely loving it. All opinions are my own as always 🙂

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