6 Week Skincare Plan


If you have been following my blog for a while you may know that I have been struggling with adult acne. As a teenager I had very little acne but as I reached adulthood my acne occurrences have spiked. It honestly got to the point where it was affecting my mood and my confidence. I decided enough was enough. I needed an experts opinion.

I discovered Jen from @minimalbauty on Instagram. I noticed she had posted testimonials from her clients and I reached out and asked about her consultations. Jen is based in Miami and I live in Philadelphia and as much as I wish I could fly down for a facial…my budget won’t allow that ha!

Jen offers Skype or FaceTime consultations which I decided was exactly what I needed. The cost of a consult is $55 however, that cost is redeemable for products within Jen’s shop. It counts as a credit.Before you have your consultation, Jen sends an intake form with basic information about your skin, your skin issues and your current skin routine.

Jen, as her shop name would suggest, really focuses on Minimal Beauty. She really helps to integrate the products you are currently using into a new and improved skincare routine. She wasn’t pushing me to purchase a new product for every step of my skincare routine which I really appreciated!

After the consultation, Jen sends you a 6 week skincare plan. For the next 6 weeks I have a plan to work on rebuilding the acid mantle of my skin (Jen has an amazing article about the acid mantle here), to reduce sensitivity and acne. Once that is done, Jen and I will reconvene to talk about hyper pigmentation and any other issues I may still be having.

I wanted to share this with you all because I was absolutely blown away by Jen’s professionalism and knowledge. She really opened my eyes to a lot of the products I own that may have been doing more harm than good. If you are at the end of your rope, or just curious about your current routine, I highly recommend reaching out to Jen!

Here’s what I ended up purchasing from her store: The Biodara Discovery Kit. That’s it. No $3563.99 price tag here. Just a simple discovery kit to see how my skin reacts and we will move on from there.

I know this was a lot of content but I thought I would share my experiences and include you on this 6 week skincare journey that I am on! A HUGE thank you to Jen for being so kind and patient with me!

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