Grungy Fall Smokey Eye – Collaboration


Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying a much deserved time of rest and relaxation! Today I have a really exciting post for you guys. I think the  most amazing part of being an active part of the green beauty community is meeting and getting to know other amazing women.


I was scrolling through Instagram (as one does) and I came across Sarah’s Instagram @sarahbancroftmua . Sarah uses all natural products and creates the most amazing makeup looks. Seriously, go give her some love! I just love to support other amazing ladies who are supporting the clean beauty revolution and rocking it as they do so! I am so inspired by her makeup looks using affordable, clean beauty products!


We decided to do a little collaboration using all natural, clean beauty products to create a fall inspired makeup look. I went for a grungey look that I absolutely love. These types of looks are actually a lot easier than they seem. They just take a bit of patience and blending.


The tip to these types of looks is to really deepen the crease all the way into the inner corner of the eye. I actually only used 3 eyeshadows for this look. Two matte shadows to really deepen and blow out my crease as well as a shimmering shade for the lid.


Crease – Brija Notes in the Margin

Crease – Brija First Kiss

Lid – Brija LeviOsa

I kept with the grungy look when choosing my lip color. I wanted something that would be cohesive without being distracting. I went with Brija Antique Satin. It’s just the most unique lipstick while still being wearable. I absolutely love it.


What do you think of this look for fall? Definitely a bit intense but I thought it was fun! A huge thank you to Sarah for collaborating with me. I feel so honored to be working with such amazing women.

Please let me know down in the comments about the looks you can’t wait to rock this fall! I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!

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