ZuZu Luxe Lipliner Review + Swatches


Good morning everyone! I have a review of some amazing, natural lipliners for you guys! I am absolutely loving these!

I mentioned in my last post “Getting Ready for Fall” that I found an awesome lip liner to match my Brija Spit Like a Man lipstick. This lipstick is a deep orangey brown so finding a lip liner can be a bit difficult! Enter ZuZu Luxe! I have been looking for some clean, natural lip liners and I was scrolling through Jaclyn’s blog A Whole Lotta Lovely and I read her ZuZu Luxe Review.


I decided to pick up Fresh which is a very cool nudey pink. This reads a bit greige on my lips which I absolutely love but I totally understand it’s not for everyone. My lips are very pigmented on their own so I think that makes this lipliner look cooler than it actually is. This would be perfect for those with very fair complexions looking for a neutral lip liner.


I also picked up Terra Cotta. The name explains the color pretty well in my book, ha. This is a gorgeous, warm reddish brown. I just love this color. It’s actually really flattering on it’s own. This will be perfect for the fall, I’m so excited!

These lipliners are very creamy and blend nicely. However, they’re waxy enough to prevent the lip color you are wearing from bleeding. They last really well, but as with all lip liners make sure you exfoliate your lips first!

Have you tried any other products from ZuZu Luxe? I am definitely going to pick up some other colors! These lipliners are currently on sale on Pharmaca! Any other natural lip liners I should try? Let me know down in the comments!





  1. Annette August 31, 2016 / 07:41

    Thank you for this review. I’ve been considering a lip liner for one of my lipsticks. I’m “of a certain age” and I feel like it bleeds a bit.
    I loooove the ZuZu Luxe mascara. I used W3ll People for a long time, but this is better. It stays put all day and comes off completely at night. Give it a try!

    • Ellen August 31, 2016 / 07:42

      Oh my gosh thank you!!! I’ve definitely been wanting to switch up my mascara so I’ll definitely give it a go!!!!

  2. Murad January 26, 2017 / 01:19

    Hey Ellen,
    Great share! Thanks for this reviews. Actually, I loved princess’ pink lips. Recently I have heard that ELF lip liner is the best to get a princess’ lip. But I want to know you that if you have any recommended. I will spend for it to give my GF. Thanks ones again.

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