Brija Matte Shadows Swatches + Review


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. On Wednesday I posted a warm makeup look featuring Brija shadows. I was so impressed with the formula of the matte shadows that I thought I would show you guys some swatches of my most recent order.


Cool Shadows:


War Efforts: This is such a unique khaki green. Absolutely perfect for the crease when you’re doing a green or golden eyeshadow look! So beautiful.

Know it, Don’t Blow it: This is a very bright, light purple. Its one of those fantastic transition shades. Say you’re doing a purple smokey eye this is the perfect shade to blend your crease shade into your highlight shade. Also a fantastic lid color if you’re doing a cut crease!

Live for a Minute: A cool gray. This is just such a standard color that I think is a staple. It’s just a must if you plan on doing smokey eyes.

In my Pocket: This is a purpley-navy shadow that works beautifully as a liner or in the crease. Super pigmented so make sure to go in with a light hand!

You Only have to do it Once: You guys know I love purple. This is the absolute best matte, purple that I have found in clean beauty. It’s super pigmented and very smooth. Blends out beautifully on the eye.

Warm Shadows: See my warm Brija look here


Am I Crying or Laughing: If you have to choose one shadow out of all of these. Get this one. It’s unique, smooth and absolutely gorgeous. A light peachy color that is perfect for your transition shade! Can’t get enough of this one!

Truly Important: Oh yeah, that orangey-red though! So gorgeous. I want to put this EVERYWHERE. I want a lip color exactly like this. This is lip safe so go for it right!

First Kiss: This is a beautiful, rich browny-red. Absolutely stunning for your warm smokey eyes.

Notes in the Margin: A deep brown that is perfect for lining or smoking out that crease! Love this shade! Be very careful, extremely pigmented!


Overall: Guys these matte shadows are just amazing. I purchased all of these in mini jars which cost 2.75 a piece. They’re so pigmented you barely need anything. Because they’re loose they blend out really beautifully and you are left with that perfectly blended crease. I really can’t recommend them enough!

If you want to try a sample, Brianna sells sample baggies for $1.45. But honestly if you think you will enjoy the color just go for the full size for $5.50. Such a great shadow and such an AMAZING price.

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