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Good morning! How is everyone on this lovely day? I have an extremely simple smokey eye look for you guys today! I love purple eyeshadow so if I can do a purple smokey eye I am a happy lady. I used all Honeybee Gardens eyeshadows for this look. I have a review + swatches here.

I did a sultry cut crease during the week (see that here) and I fell in LOVE with the shade Dragonfly. When I was swatching these shadows I was not expecting a shadow this complex and this gorgeous. It’s a beautiful duo chrome with a purple base a blue flash. YESSS!

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The key to a nice, soft smokey eye is blending. If you feel like your smokey eyes never turn out the way you want them to I would suggest blending until the cows come home. If the cows are home and you STILL don’t like the way your smokey eye looks I suggest inspecting your brushes. Your brushes needed to be fluffy, yet directional…you know what that’s a whole different post. On to the look!

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(1) Prime your lids if needed

(2) Sweep Porcelain all over the lid with a fluffy brush. Porcelain is a soft pale matte pink so it will just knock out any uneven coloration on the lid and allow for ease of blending when you get to the crease.

(3) Grab a more directional blending brush and start building up Canterbury, or your favorite matte brown, in the crease. I like to build my crease shade up slowly. It’s like building a sand castle…nope that metaphor won’t work. Never mind. Just build up your crease.

(4) For the outer corners of my eyes I used the new Honeybee Gardens loose eyeshadow shade in Wanderlust. If you have slightly smaller eyes, like I do, really drag that shadow out. Raccoon style. Cute raccoon though. Sexy raccoon. Guys, I am all over the place as I write this. 

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(5) Now for that gorgeous duo chrome. I used a flat brush to pack Dragonfly on the inner corners of my lids and then used a fluffy brush to blend out. The nice things about these multidimensional shades is they’re so forgiving, so you can fudge them a bit.

(6) Add your lashes and call it a day 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed the look!

A huge thanks to Honeybee Gardens for sending me these beautiful products! Although these products were sent to me for review I was not payed to write this review and I maintain full transparency on my blog! I am here for my readers and my reviews are always honest!

Products Used:

Foundation: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation in Cream

Highlighter: Silk Naturals Fluff

Mascara: Organic wear®100% Natural Origin Work It! Full! Flared! Fit! Mascara

Lashes: Ardell 110 Black

Lips: Silk Naturals Garter


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