Honeybee Gardens Review + Swatches


Good morning/afternoon/evening!!! No idea when you’re reading this but I hope you are all having an absolutely lovely day! Today I have a really fantastic review of some Honeybee Gardens eyeshadows, eyeliner and a brand new loose shadow!

As I am sure many of you know, finding pressed shadows in the green community is a serious undertaking. I am just here to say that Honeybee Gardens has totally saved the day! Yes, you can find pressed shadows in the clean beauty community but so often they’re extremely expensive! I mean, I would love to buy Kjaer Weis pressed shadows but at $45 a pop, there’s only so much a lady can afford.


Honeybee Gardens pressed shadows retail for $8.99 a pop. They come in a little cardboard packet but are magnetic so you can pop them into a Z-palette or purchase a palette from Honeybee Gardens that you can fill up with all of your favorites! What I really love about the Honeybee Gardens palette is that you don’t have to apply any magnets to the shadows or the palette. Just pop them right in and you’re set!


On to the review and swatches! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you have tried anything from Honeybee Gardens that you think I need to give a go! You guys know I’m always looking for beautiful, new products!


Ninja KittyThis is an absolutely beautiful pinky brow bone highlight shade. I think this is so versatile! Super smooth with a really fine shimmer. Looks great on the brow bone, inner corner highlight and even a cheek highlight. It’s just so finely milled and so smooth. Highlight recommend if you’re looking for a new highlighting shade.

PorcelainThis shadow is a beautiful, matte, pale pink. I love these types of shadows for all over the lid. It just allows for such a beautiful canvas for the rest of your shadows. This is also really wonderful if you don’t like a shimmering highlight on the brow bone or inner corner highlight. It just brightens the area without adding shimmer.

Canterbury: This is a matte, cool, slightly purple crease shade. Oh my gosh this is such a perfect crease color! I don’t care what makeup look I am doing I want some crease definition. And this is my new favorite. Super blend able and gorgeous.

Dragonfly: Guys, I have a lot of makeup. A LOT. I have tried shadows from all different brands and this is such a unique color. This is a purple with a gorgeous blue reflect. So gorgeous, so unique, so necessary. I want to put this color everywhere, I won’t, but I want to…


Wanderlust: This is a brand new shade in Honeybee Garden’s Powdercolors Stackable Mineral Colors. This is an absolutely beautiful bronze shade. The top swatch is applied completely dry where as the bottom swatch is foiled. If you’re wondering how I foil my shadows I have a tutorial here. This has a really complex shimmer that was hard to capture on camera. It’s absolutely stunning!


Finally a quick swatch of the Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner in Jet Set. I have always been very wary of pencil eyeliners. They’re usually really hard and unforgiving. However, these are infused with Jojoba Oil so it’s super creamy! I do suggest setting this with a black powder just because it is so creamy that if you touch your eyes it may smear a bit. I really love these kinds of liners for smokey eyes or even a lazy wing. I probably wouldn’t use this in the water line or to tight line due to how creamy it is.

A huge thanks to Honeybee Gardens for sending me these beautiful products! Although these products were sent to me for review I was not payed to write this review and I maintain full transparency on my blog! I am here for my readers and my reviews are always honest!


  1. Annette July 24, 2016 / 10:25

    I have a beautiful blue pressed eyeshadow from Honeybee Gardens. It’s extremely highly pigmented. I like to use it as eyeliner. I’d love to try the purple you swatched!
    I’ve tried their lipstick and lipgloss too. I like them.
    All around, I think they are doing a great job for green beauty lovers who don’t want to spend the high dollar amounts of some other brands.

    • Ellen July 25, 2016 / 19:38

      Right?! They’re doing such a wonderful job! I want to try their blue pressed eyeshadow! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Kim G. July 24, 2016 / 12:54

    I love their smoky eye palette! I also just received the latest buzz box, which included mascara & eyeliner. I don’t know the exact color names (don’t have them in front of me), but I got the mascara and eyeliner in rich brown shades. Love them both!

    • Ellen July 25, 2016 / 19:38

      Their smokey palette looks so beautiful!!!! I love brown eyeliner I think it’s so perfect for everyday!

      • Kim G. July 25, 2016 / 22:52

        Yes! Browns are my go to for everyday. A little tinted moisturizer and a nude lip, and I’m good to go.

  3. Melissa Buckley July 25, 2016 / 16:03

    Ellen, you do such a beautiful job with your blog posts. Thank you for writing about our products!

    • Ellen July 25, 2016 / 19:39

      Oh my goodness it’s my absolute pleasure! I have two makeup looks coming up soon using these shadows. I am absolutely adoring them!

  4. jeannine August 2, 2016 / 20:46

    The liner looks great, and I am really into the Wonderlust as well as the Swatch you have of Ninja Kitty. I tend to stick with safe browns and tans, but I am wondering how a little experiment with the Dragonfly would work out for somebody who has brown hair and brown eyes and is in the late 30’s? What do you think? The colors looks so wonderful on you and classy and elegant, but then again so are you without any of the makeup, so I suspect any palate would be great!!

    • Ellen August 3, 2016 / 16:35

      Anything would look beautiful on you Jeannine! Don’t let anything keep you from trying fun colors 🙂 the nice thing about Dragonfly is that it can be applied very sheer. You don’t need to build it up like I did. It would make a beautiful liner! You’re wonderful Jeannine thank you!

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