Teri Miyahira Beauty Box Review + Swatches


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an absolutely lovely weekend! I wanted to write a quick review of the last Teri Miyahira Beauty Box as well as swatch the products!

This box was a bit different than the first two boxes (review here and here). The May box included “Joy” Dew Drops Blush, “Calm” Dew Drops Illuminator and a Bulgarian Lavender Whipped Body Butter. When I first opened the box I was a little apprehensive about the products. Especially the liquid blush! However, after swatching and playing with the products I must say that I am really impressed!


DSC_0131“Joy” Dew Drops Blush – Let’s chat about the blush first. You need the smallest amount of this pigment! I mean, wow, this goes a long way! I think the best way to apply this is to put a drop on the back of your hand and and then dab it onto the cheeks and blend with a sponge. Remember, you can always add more, not so easy to take away, ha!

The blush is also FANTASTIC on the lips! If you apply just this it creates a beautiful, matte, yet moisturizing stain. I love to wear this over a bit of lip balm just as a slight stain. Don’t you just love products with multiple uses?


“Calm” Dew Drops Illuminator – This is such a beautiful illuminator! I love liquid illuminators because they’re just so versatile! Dap it on the top of the cheeks or mix it into your body lotion for an all over glow! I am definitely going to use this on my wedding day on my collarbones just to add a nice glow!

This is also really nice mixed with a foundation that is a bit too matte or full coverage for summer. It just makes the skin look fresh and beautiful!


Bulgarian Lavender Whipped Body Butter – I am absolutely loving this body butter. 1st it’s lavender, enough said. 2nd it’s thick without being heavy, does that make sense? It sinks in quickly and lasts a long time! I keep this by my bed so I can pop it on my hands before bed!

The Teri Miyahira Boxes are just getting better and better! I am in the process of moving, wedding, honeymoon so I won’t be getting this box again until I’m settled! I’ll just have to live vicariously through others and see what the next few boxes look like! Do you get the Teri Miyahira Box? If you do, keep me updated on the next few boxes!!!!

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