Suntegrity Skincare Lip C.P.R. SPF 30 Swatches


Good morning! It’s Saturday!!! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. This morning I have swatches of the brand new Suntegrity Skincare Lip C.P.R. SPF 30 Lipsticks. I purchased a sample pack that contains all the colors in the line as well as an $8 coupon to purchase a full size.


This little sample kit costs $8 so if you don’t know which color you want to buy it’s essentially free if you redeem your coupon. Each sample comes in it’s own individual plastic container. I wish they were just a touch bigger only because I can’t really fit my finger well into the little pots without digging my nail into the lipstick. Minor complaint. Let’s get on to the swatches!

Although these are all supposed to be the same formula some of these are a bit stiffer in consistency. I will make sure to mention that in the descriptions below! Most of these have some shimmer but it’s not terribly obvious on the lips. It just creates a beautiful depth of color. This coming from someone who hates shimmer in lipstick so it’s really not that bad I promise!


First up is our more everyday shades!

Solar Rose – A really pretty mauvey deep pink. This is one of those MLBB colors for me. It’s very soft and adds dimension to the lips!

Sunny Blush – Of the everyday shades this is definitely my favorite. It has a bit of a purpley-blue iridescence which is just so pretty on the lips. It counteracts the slight brown tone of my lips so it really lifts my complexion and brightens everything up. Really love this one!

Sunrise Peach – This is a very sheer color with a peachy shimmer. I think this would look lovely on those with very lightly pigmented lips. On my it doesn’t really show up too much just because the depth of my natural lip color.

Sable Shade – This is a beautiful nude shade. My only complaint with this shade is that it’s a bit stiffer than the others. If you’re looking for a lovely nude that stays in place this is really fantastic!


Now onto the deeper shades in the line!

Sunset Coral – If red lips are intimidating to you I highly recommend giving this one a try. It has a beautiful shimmer and you can wear it sheer or built up. It lasts well and won’t get all over your teeth. This has a bit of a stiffer formula than the others but that’s good since it’s a bit deeper in pigment.

Fuchsia Flare – Okay, I was really surprised when I realized this was my favorite shade in the line. It’s so pretty and so not me! It has a blueish iridescence and just looks absolutely beautiful on the lips. It lasts a really long time and even when the shine wears away you still have that beautiful kiss of color!

Sunburst Pink – This is just the perfect everyday pink lip. It’s not too bright or too mauve. Beautiful and brightening. Lovely formula and lovely color!

Plum Eclipse – This, like the Sable Shade is slightly stiffer in texture. I feel like I really have to work this into the lips. I love the color I just wish the formula had a bit more slip.


Overall: Guys, I am super impressed with these! If you are looking for everyday lip shades that provide an amazing SPF protection all while being vegan and cruelty free. I mean, there is no downside. I don’t like shimmering lipsticks but I LOVE these.

The value of the sample pack is really great. It’s essentially a dollar a sample but you can use your coupon code included in the sample pack to essentially save that $8 that you spent on the sample pack. The $8 sample pack also has free shipping…I mean what more can you ask for right?

I haven’t tried the tinted moisturizer yet but I will keep you updated on that!

Have you tried Suntegrity products? What do you think of them? Let me know down in the comments!

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