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As I began transitioning my products to more organic and natural options some mainstream brands became a focus pretty quickly. Pai and Drunk Elephant for example. These are the brands that “mainstream” beauty bloggers talk about. And for good reason, they sell great products and have great ethics. But, I want to focus on the little guys today.

I have had such amazing experiences with small brands in the organic and natural community. Specifically, small brands that sell facial oils. Kate from Ko & Humble and Jeannine from Tamanu The Oil Lab have just blown me out of the water!  They are just so committed to their products and the quality that they bring to the table. The owners want you to experience the best! They’re not out to make a quick buck, they truly have a lovely philosophy behind their brands.

I have also found that smaller brands typically have amazing customer service. If you want to chat about what your skin needs or where they source their products they are so happy and eager to talk to you. It’s honestly lovely to be treated as more than just a consumer.

Check out Kate’s Oil guide if you are new to facial oils and don’t know quite where to start!

If you’re looking for something really specific to your skin needs definitely check out Jeannine’s Inspire Blend where you can choose what goes into your facial oil!

So, long story short. If you are new to the organic and natural community, or you’re just confused on what you think your skin needs when it comes to facial oils and blends I highly recommend you give an email to Jeannine from Tamanu The Oil Lab or Kate from Ko & Humble. I use a ton of products from both of their lines (I have an oil focus post coming soon!) and I can honestly say that not one of their products disappoints.

Oh, did I mention that both of these companies are extremely reasonably priced? Effective, organic, ethical products at a price that won’t have you eating canned beans the rest of the week. Win, win, win.

Jeannine –

Kate –

Do you love any other small brands that don’t get enough recognition? If so, link them down in the comments so everyone can go and take a look! I really hope this helps and I hope that you all have a lovely week! Enjoy your Monday!



  1. Ela April 18, 2016 / 15:18

    Do you think using organic/natural products make a big difference? I’ve had such a unpleasant experience with natural products that I’m afraid to give it a try again. Have a lovely week!

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Ellen April 18, 2016 / 17:37

      Hi Ela 🙂 I think you just need to learn what works for your skin and what doesn’t. If you break out easily I definitely recommend going for something without fragrance. Even heavy oils like coconut oils can often cause issues for some. Ko and Humble’s Passion Fruit Seed oil is super light and doesn’t clog your pores. Concerning natural products I think it’s just a lifestyle change more than anything else. It will take your skin a little bit to get used to it but eventually it does. For me it’s more than just my skin it’s about how things are harvested, made and what they do when they go down the drain. it’s definitely a lifestyle change. I’ve had unpleasant experiences with some products as well but I think it’s just trial and error :/ but that’s the same with products from the drugstore for me. I have just always had really sensitive skin. I would say look for good quality organic products. Make sure they’re not overly refined and they don’t have much (or any) added alcohol because that’s a killer for skin. Hope that helps 🙂 which products did you react to?

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