Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water


I was recently perusing my local Whole Foods when I came across the skin care section. Completely by accident I promise! It’s one of those moments when you’re like, okay, do I venture forth and risk spending money or have the presence of mind to turn away. Clearly I did not do the latter…

I came across all of the floral sprays and toners and my face had been so dry and irritated that I was looking for something that I could use during the day if I just needed a bit of a refresh. There were all sorts of rose water sprays but I decided to go for something a bit different. Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water by Alteya Organics.


Chamomile is meant to be extremely soothing and hydrating so I thought this would be the perfect facial spray. Alteya Organics states that it is Hydrating, Soothing and Brightening. The only ingredient in this spray is 100% Pure Chamomile water so there is no added alcohol which I really appreciate. Nothing drives me crazier than when I see “hydrating” toners that have alcohol as one of their main ingredients.

I’ve actually become a bit addicted to this. I use this before I apply facial oils or my moisturizer in the morning. I use it after I do my makeup if I feel a bit too dry. I use it during the day if I need a refresh. I use it pretty much all the time. The mist is very fine so you don’t go through it too quickly. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something simple and soothing!

Note to those who are sensitive to smells. This smells like chamomile. Yes, yes I know that sounds like it would be obvious but it’s not as pleasant of a smell as rosewater or lavender water. It smells very earthy. Like wet hay. I’m so descriptive aren’t I? You’re welcome. Hope you are all having a lovely day!


  1. Suzi March 26, 2016 / 12:25

    I was just looking for a facial mist, so I’ll definitely look into this brand!

    • Ellen March 26, 2016 / 19:48

      Definitely take a look! They have quite a few varieties so I’m sure you’ll find something that works for your skin! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Ellen March 26, 2016 / 19:50

      Mine too! It’s just so drying and completely unnecessary! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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