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I have recently decided to become more aware of what I put on my face. I am all about sustainability and organic farming. My fiance and I are a part of a community garden where we organically grow our vegetables and if I am so concerned about what I put in my body I should be concerned about what I put on my body as well. It’s going to be a slow transition but I had to start somewhere!

I stumbled across the site Integrity Botanicals as I was perusing organic skincare stockists. I absolutely adored the way their website was configured and the fact that they had a blog with lots of helpful reviews!

I was considering getting a Kypris serum but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. Integrity Botanicals had an interview with Kypris founder, Chase Polan, on their blog. Reading the interview just affirmed my decision to purchase a Kypris product! I’ll have a review about this in a few weeks for you guys. We will get all sciencey and what not, get excited! But for now, I just wanted to rave about the eco-friendly packaging, the personal touches and the free samples!


My package came really quickly and I was impressed that the box wasn’t the size of a small pony. I hate when companies send you a box that YOU could fit in when you just ordered a lipstick… Their packing material seems to be recycled paper that was shredded which is another nice touch. They also sent me a hand written letter, thanking me for my order and telling me that they hoped I would enjoy my Kypris serum. I just thought that was really sweet.


Finally, I loved that I could choose the samples I received. They weren’t foil packets but individually packed and labeled samples. I am still using them! They give you enough to really get the feel for a product. Within the package they also sent me a 10% off of my next purchase. I would just like to say that I bought this with my own money. Nothing was sent to me but I just really feel like the service was worth mentioning! If you’re looking for organic skincare or makeup definitely go and check out Integrity Botanicals!

NOTE: If you sign up to their email list you get 15% off of your first order! Yay!


    • Ellen January 19, 2016 / 18:59

      Definitely do! They’re awesome!

  1. Nereyda @ This Girl Is Obsessed January 20, 2016 / 00:21

    I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. I’m also more aware of taking care of my skin so I’ll look up this company.

    • Ellen January 20, 2016 / 06:25

      Definitely do! They really do not disappoint, it’s definitely a hard transition to switch to more natural products. It’s going to take me awhile ha

  2. María Alejandra January 20, 2016 / 04:03

    The packaging got me sold! But I just checked the site and the products look pretty amazing. Can’t wait to read the in-depth review. Hope you have a great day, Ellen!

    Ale |

    • Ellen January 20, 2016 / 06:27

      Thanks Ale! I know, the packaging is just to die for! I want to give it a proper test but then I’ll write a review! Hope you have a lovely day too!

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