Urban Decay Ozone Lip Primer


I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought of lip primers to be a bit of a gimmick. They just seemed kind of pointless, you know? I finally gave in and purchased one after I heard Mariah Leonard rave about this lip primer. The Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil (and breathe…)

This has become one of my most used products very quickly. This is not a gimmick. This is not a waste of money. And if your matte lipsticks are killing your lips I would seriously suggest picking this up.


This primer is completely clear and once applied, leaves a tacky surface on the lips  for your lipsticks to adhere to. It completely prevents feathering and uneven fading or crumbling of the lipstick.

I think the best part about this primer is that it creates a barrier between the lips and your drying lipsticks. I find that when I take off my matte lipsticks at the end of the day my lips don’t feel as dry and parched when I use this primer underneath. Overall, I really recommend it!

Urban Decay claims this can be used on other parts of the face to fill in lines or correct makeup mistakes. I haven’t used it for those purposes yet but it’s nice to know you have the option! Are there any lip primers that you can’t live without? I definitely would be interested to try a few different ones!


  1. A Little Dose of Makeup November 25, 2015 / 09:23

    I have a sample of this sitting in my drawer that I have to try! Thank you for the review!

    • Ellen November 25, 2015 / 12:02

      You’re welcome! I hope you end up liking it!

  2. Ela November 25, 2015 / 17:19

    First time I’ve heard about this primer was on your previous post and I didn’t see the point of using it. Now that you say it creates a barrier between the lips and drying lipstick, it makes sense to use it 🙂


    • Ellen November 25, 2015 / 18:13

      It really helps! It’s really saving my lips honestly.

  3. Zeynab November 28, 2015 / 13:18

    I love this product, I find that it works really well for me.

    The Beauty Load

    • Ellen November 28, 2015 / 13:33

      Totally agreed! It really is fantastic!

  4. Hana | Bold-Expression December 5, 2015 / 16:29

    I have always thought this product is just a social media hype but I am convinced I should give this a go! I often left with smudges under my lips after drinking/eating burgers LOL. For some unknown reason, I FAIL MISERABLY attempting to not get any smudges. I shall give it ago. Thanks for sharing, Ellen xx

    • Ellen December 5, 2015 / 16:57

      It definitely helps with smudging!!! Let me know how you like it Hana!

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