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I recently made a substantial order on Hakuhodo’s website that my credit card did NOT thank me for. But, hey, it’s to be expected for nice quality brushes.

Honestly, trying to decide which brushes to get took a LONG TIME. I filled and emptied my online shopping basket like 50 times. Hands up to whoever else does that? I did a bunch of research and eventually stumbled upon some great recommendations from Shameless Fripperies who has done some really great reviews on these brushes. I also liked that the Hakuhodo blog shows all the brushes side by side which is really nice for size comparison, especially when it comes to eye brushes.

OH! Exciting news, Hakuhodo have started numbering their brushes! Can I get a collective hooray? It’s terribly annoying not knowing what brush you are using, especially if someone asks for a recommendation!

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(From left to right: J142, J5522, G5522, J146, J163H, J5523)

What I picked up.

J163H – I was in the market for a stiff eyebrow brush and this definitely fits the bill. It’s very dense yet has a small enough “footprint” that you can draw in nice individual hairs. This is definitely a must have if you are in the market for an eyebrow brush. A great staple!

J146 – This is the smallest of the crease brushes that I picked up. This is great for building up a more intense crease color or even doing a serious cut crease.I also like this for blending some shadow below the lower lash line to intensify a look.

J142 – Out of all of the brushes I ordered this is the one I reach for the most. It is the medium size crease brush that I picked up. It is extremely directional and absolutely perfect for the crease. I like that it has a small enough “footprint” so that it doesn’t buff all of your crease product away. If you buy one brush from Hakuhodo, make it this my friends. It even get’s it’s own picture (below) 😉

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G5522 – SO SOFT!!! All of these brushes are soft but the squirrel is definitely the softest. I love to use this to highlight the brow bone and do one last blend before I head out the door. Is it necessary? No, but it’s a wonderful luxury. This is also fantastic for setting the under eye concealer or adding just a bit of a highlight to the cheek bones. Very versatile, very soft, very necessary (in my opinion…).

J5522 – The goat hair version of the G5522. I like this for creating very blown out crease looks. It creates a beautiful, soft smoky haze that can be easily buffed out. It’s a very romantic brush. I know that doesn’t really make sense but that’s what it feels like on the eye. So soft and delicate.

J5523 – I like this brush but it definitely doesn’t have the most unique shape. I enjoy using it and it’s great quality but I have others like this in my collection. But that being said I use it almost daily to put on my base layer of color all over the lid to allow for ease of blending when I get to the crease. Karima, from Shameless Fripperies, calls it the “Mac 217 dupe” so if you love that brush you will love this!

I honestly use, and love, all of these brushes. It just depends on what you are missing in your collection. If you are interested in some new brushes I really can’t recommend these enough. What brushes do you love? Let me know down in the comments!

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    • Ellen August 13, 2015 / 06:30

      I love Real Techniques face brushes. I honestly think they’re fantastic for the price. I just can’t get along with their eye brushes because my eyes are so sensitive and they feel scratchy. Then I start tearing up and I look like a panda ha. I’ve never tried Sigma! I should next time I’m in the market for some brushes (which let’s be honest is all the time).

    • Ellen August 13, 2015 / 18:37

      Thank you so much! Yeah, they’re really worth checking out. Let me know if you decide to pick anything up 🙂 It really is my favorite brand for eye brushes.

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