Colour Pop Review

Colourpop - 4

I recently placed my first ever order on Colourpop. I can’t believe it has taken me so long (especially after trying the products)! Here’s what I picked up.

Highlighters: These highlighters last ALL DAY. They’re super soft and blend like a dream. Like most of Colourpop’s products they’re an odd gel/powder hybrid. I don’t own anything like them.

  • Butterfly Beach: This is definitely darker than your typical highlighter. It’s a bit pink and goldy and would look fantastic on darker skin tones. I use it more as a blusher on the high points of my cheek and it’s very pretty. Temptalia has a great swatch of this which I will link here.
  • Lunch Money: This is a much lighter highlighter. Slightly golden but it still has some white shimmer as well to give you a nice bright highlight. I am wearing Lunch Money in the photos below in the tear duct, cupids bow, tip of the nose, brow bone and cheekbones (pretty much everywhere…). It’s much more intense in person.

Colourpop - 3

Shadows: These shadows, like the highlighters, last all day and blend very well. Note that these are best applied with the finger. If you blend them too much with a brush you push all your glitter away and you’re left with just the pigment. It loses a lot of it’s intensity if you buff too much so leave your crease to your more traditional powders.

  • Game Face: This is a super bright, rich, copper color. I can’t wait to wear this with a dark lip come winter. Did I need another bronze in my collection? No, but I like it and I’m glad to have it!
  • Hammered: This is the green that I have in the outer V of my eyes in the pictures below. This shadow I highly recommend just patting on. If you blend it kind of gets muddy but it’s beautiful just patted on.
  • Sequin: This is the coppery/pink that I have on the inner 1/3 of my eyes. This is actually the most firm of the shadows I purchased. It’s still soft and still gel-like but it stands up to blending a bit better than the other shadows. It’s very brightening and unique.

Ultra Matte Lip:

  • Tulle: Lip products (especially at a good price) are always so tempting. I only picked up one shade because I wasn’t sure if the formula would be good. Well, I can now say that the formula is extremely impressive. It dries completely matte. There was no transfer during drinking and only minimal wear when I ate. It applies beautifully, dries quickly without being too drying. Lip prep is obviously a must due to the nature of the product but I will definitely be picking up more! For now, I have the shade Tulle which is a burgundy plummy color perfect for fall. I am wearing it in the look below!

Colourpop - 6

Colourpop - 7

Where to add highlight? Everywhere. Obviously.

Are there any other products from Colourpop that I should pick up (obviously I should but which ones!) CHOICES! Let me know!



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