Summer Jewelry Picks


Jewelry is one of those things that really completes an outfit. I tend to be minimalist with both my clothing and jewelry choices so I like that these pieces can go with everything.

When I am looking for new jewelry the first place I go is Madewell. Both the Mini Coinmix Necklace and the Shape Study Earrings are from Madewell and I absolutely adore them. The necklace (like many from Madewell) is easily shortened or lengthened depending on the top you’re wearing. I love the brassy, slightly worn feel of it. The earrings have the post set slightly off center so they wear very nicely especially if you have small earlobes like me!

The geometric necklace was one of those spur of the moment purchases. I didn’t know how much wear I would get out of this but it has been a lifesaver. If I don’t know what to wear I reach for this. It is casual but interesting enough to complete an outfit. It is from a J. Crew factory store and, of course, I can’t seem to find it online anywhere! I will try to link some comparable pieces.

The jewelry box is from Anthropologie. They have a whole range of Arca Jewelry Boxes that are absolutely gorgeous! It is definitely more of a decorative piece rather than a utility piece, as it can get crowded pretty quickly. I generally like to keep my most worn pieces in it on my vanity. I have the Octagon Arca Jewelry Box but I must say the Dome is also calling my name…

What have you been wearing this summer? I am always looking for unique, fun pieces so link your favorites down below in the comments!



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